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If you are having trouble syncing your Lioness, check for the following things.

1. Make sure Lioness is charging.

Yes, first the classic IT "make sure it's plugged in" response, but it does happen which is why we mention it!

If your Lioness might be out of battery, plug your Lioness into charge. Don't worry if you don't see any lights yet.

2. Check whether your device has its bluetooth enabled.

To sync, make sure your Lioness is powered on and nearby, and your device has its bluetooth enabled. Always try pairing from within the Lioness app, not from your Bluetooth settings.

Forgot the Bluetooth Pairing Code?

Bluetooth Pairing Codes:

  • iPhone: 6496

  • Android: 006496

You should only have to enter this code once per device (phone, tablet, etc.).

3. Restart your Vibrator, Bluetooth, and App

By today's standards, Bluetooth is an ancient technology and has quite a few bugs. Many Bluetooth connection issues can be solved quickly by any combination of the following:

  • Turning your phone's Bluetooth off and on again

  • Closing out of your app and restarting it

  • Turning your vibrator off and on again

  • "Unpairing" or "forgetting" your Lioness Vibrator from your Bluetooth settings and pairing it again through the Lioness app

  • Restarting your phone/tablet

4. Check the lights on your vibrator

  • Solid green sync light: good to go

  • Flashing red sync light: out of storage, but still good to go

  • No flashing red lights, no vibration: firmware was not uploaded or not uploaded correctly. Instructions and video on how to fix that here.

  • No lights/vibration when turning on: vibrator out of battery and/or firmware was not uploaded correctly. Instructions and video on how to fix that here.

  • Anything else: click here


  • Your vibrator is not supposed to be paired to your phone while you use it.

  • Syncing/pairing should only be done from the Lioness app, not your phone's Bluetooth settings.

5. Update Lioness's firmware

  1. Plug your Lioness into charge. Don't worry if you don't see any lights yet.

  2. Press and hold both buttons for 8-10 seconds until the lights turn solid red.

  3. Open the Lioness app and press the rectangular button that says “Sync Sessions.” It may take a bit to find the vibrator on the "Searching nearby..." screen.

  4. Once the update starts, leave your phone and vibrator next to each other until it finishes, and you're all done! Do not navigate away from the app!

  5. If you are having difficulties updating the firmware, consult this guide here.

If you have a Google Pixel phone

Update December 23rd, 2021: There is a recent syncing issue that is Google Pixel specific. Our team has created a beta app (not yet in the Google Play Store) that should bypass the issue you're having and allow syncing. If you're in this boat, contact us at [email protected] and we will send you a link to download the beta app.

We will also let you know once this version of the app is officially updated in the Google Play Store (either after Christmas or New Years, as the team is out of office during the holidays) and you can keep receiving app updates.

Did none of these tips help?

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] In your email, include the information below and any screenshots, screen recordings, or videos of what you're seeing. The more information you share, the easier and faster it will be for us to understand what may be happening and have your Lioness working smoothly again.

We'd love to know:

  • What the lights on your Lioness do or don't do.

  • Your app's current firmware version (you can find this in under "Advanced" in the menu settings of your Lioness app).

  • Your original order number or the email address associated with it.

  • Screenshots, screen recordings, or videos of what you're seeing.

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