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Pairing/Syncing Troubleshooting

If your Lioness vibrator is powered on and nearby, and your device has its bluetooth enabled, pairing should happen without any issue. However, if there are issues, the steps below will help. Always try pairing from within the Lioness app, not from your Bluetooth settings.

Forgot the Bluetooth Pairing Code?

Bluetooth Pairing Codes:

  • iPhone: 6496

  • Android: 006496

You should only have to enter this code once per device (phone, tablet, etc.).

1. Restart your Vibrator, Bluetooth, and App

By today's standards, Bluetooth is an ancient technology and has quite a few bugs. Many Bluetooth connection issues can be solved quickly by any combination of the following:

  • turning your phone's Bluetooth off and on again

  • closing out of your app and restarting it

  • turning your vibrator off and on again

  • "unpairing" or "forgetting" your Lioness vibrator from your Bluetooth settings and pairing it again through the Lioness app

  • restarting your phone/tablet

2. Check the lights on your vibrator

  • Solid green sync light: good to go

  • Flashing red sync light: out of storage, but still good to go

  • No flashing red lights, no vibration: firmware was not uploaded or not uploaded correctly. Instructions and video on how to fix that here.

  • No lights/vibration when turning on: vibrator out of battery and/or firmware was not uploaded correctly. Instructions and video on how to fix that here.

  • Anything else: click here


  • Your vibrator is not supposed to be paired to your phone while you use it

  • Syncing/pairing should only be done from the Lioness app, not your phone's Bluetooth settings

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