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How to Enable/Disable Travel Lock
How to Enable/Disable Travel Lock

Turn on your travel lock to prevent the Lioness from accidentally turning on in your suitcase!

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Enabling travel lock will disable your vibrator from being able to turn on and vibrating.ย 

If the power button is pushed while the Lioness is in travel mode, the lights on the Lioness will buzz 3 times while blinking green and shut back off after 10 seconds.

To Enable:

  1. Go to the Sync tab on the Lioness app

  2. Press the "Travel Lock" button

  3. Toggle the "Lock Mode" slider to show the GREEN.ย 

  4. Press the "Sync Lock" button. Make sure your Lioness vibrator is nearby and on!

To Disable Travel Lock:
Follow the same steps as above but toggle the "Lock Mode" slider to show WHITE and then continue to step 4.

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