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How to Change Motor/Vibration Strength Settings
How to Change Motor/Vibration Strength Settings

Learn how to change vibration strengths or turn off the motor vibration

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The Lioness vibrator comes with 3 motor vibration strength settings by default: Low (30%), Medium (60%), High (90%). This is toggled through by pressing the left button (2 dots) on the Lioness vibrator.

However, you can customize what you'd like the three motor strengths to be when you toggle the button by changing the settings on your Lioness app.

  1. Press into the "Sync" tab of the Lioness app

  2. Press the "Motor Strength" button

  3. Use the slides for the 3 presses to adjust how you would like to customize the motor settings. (Sliding it all the way to the left to 0% will have one of the toggles have no motor vibration at all. This option is great for users who'd like to try a different clitoral stimulator with the Lioness.) 

  4. Press "Update Motors" to sync the changes to your Lioness. Make sure your Lioness vibrator is on and nearby. 

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