We perfected every detail of the technology, design, and materials for over half a decade. The result? The world's first smart vibrator specifically designed for experimenting and learning from the comfort of your own home.

Through harnessing technology never before seen outside of research labs, you now have the tools to take learning about your pleasure into your own hands.

A pair of force sensors: Pelvic floor movements (vaginal contractions in women) are the best indicators found in research for arousal and orgasm. These are the graphs and charts you'll see once you sync your sessions to the Lioness app. 

Accelerometer:  The same kind of sensors you have in your modern smartphone. Built-in motion sensors let you see how you used the vibrator during your session. (A lot of cool visualizations are on the way for this!)

Temperature sensor: Temperature sensors allow for automatic recording triggering and tracking of core body temperature over time

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