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My Lioness is Dead / No Lights!
My Lioness is Dead / No Lights!

What to do if no lights are turning on when you press the power button on the Lioness.

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If you are seeing that your Lioness Vibrator has no lights are coming on when you hit the power button, don't panic! Your Lioness isn't dead. Most likely it failed to successfully update the latest firmware.

In order to get your Lioness back into working state:

  1. Plug in your Lioness to charge to a known working USB port. (I usually recommend a laptop/computer USB port)

  2. Press and hold (firmly) BOTH buttons down on the Lioness vibrator for about 8-10 seconds. You should see a quick blink of the LED lights going off and then back to 2 solid red lights. 

  3. While the lights are both solid red, now open your Lioness app and try to sync the vibrator via the "Get Sessions" button.

  4. Keep your phone and vibrator close by and let it fully go through the firmware update and refresh without interruption. This should take about 5 minutes total. 

Now, your Lioness should be back to normal with two solid green lights!

Here's a video that can walk you through the process:

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