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How does Lioness help me have better sex and orgasms?
How does Lioness help me have better sex and orgasms?
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As the old saying goes... “never measured, never improved!” It sounds a bit cheeky, but honestly, it’s true.

The Lioness Smart Vibrator and app are similar to other biofeedback devices and apps you might already be using. (The Lioness has literally been called a "fit-bit for your vagina.") Whether you want to sleep better, eat healthier, exercise, build muscle, etc., there are tons of biofeedback and app-connected options to help you track your progress. In the same way, Lioness can help you figure out what, where, and when gives you the best pleasure — and track it over time!

And if you're thinking, "Numbers, data, and charts sound like the least sexy way to explore my sexuality," don't knock it till you try it! We've actually found that removing some of the “sexiness” from sex can help people learn about, understand, and communicate their own sexuality.

But don’t just take our word for it. Cornell University Sex Researcher Sarah Merrill explains the science behind it: “Interoception  —  the psychological awareness of physical cues also known as a mind-body connection  —  is a concept in psychology that has been shown to increase well-being and motivation. Having this physiological feedback to pair with psychological sensations may help to increase mind-body awareness, sexually and holistically.”

Click here to learn about some of the ways that people have explored with the Lioness Vibrator.

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