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What kind of lube should I use with the Lioness?
What kind of lube should I use with the Lioness?
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Like with all silicone products on the market, we recommend using water-based lube.

There may be some other lubes out there that are safe to use, but the formulations are too varied for us to be 100% certain of every single one on the market. If you’re uncertain about a non-water-based lubricant, it’s probably better not to test it. We’ve already broken a few vibrators experimenting with other types of lubricant, including a 2-in-1 massage oil. :(

If you are interested in using an oil-based CBD or THC pre-lubricant with the Lioness, we recommend following the directions stated on the bottle and waiting at least 20 minutes for effects to take place, and then wipe off excess oils before using the Lioness.

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