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My Sessions are Missing from the App
My Sessions are Missing from the App

You synced your Lioness vibrator but your sessions are not showing up on the Lioness app? Here's 3 possible solutions!

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If you've properly gone through the syncing your Lioness vibrator with the Lioness app but are not seeing the sessions on the app, here are three possible solutions:

  1. Dates are incorrect: There is an internal clock inside the Lioness vibrator that is keeping the timestamp for your sessions. However, this will only work properly if the Lioness vibrator has been synced to the Lioness app so that it knows where to start counting the time from. Otherwise, it will default start from January 1st, 2017. This will also be the case if the Lioness vibrator completely loses all battery power, causing the internal clock to reset again to 2017. If you are seeing sessions on your app with the red "new" stamp but weird dates, they may actually be your newest sessions uploaded, just with the wrong timestamp. You can manually change the timestamp of the sessions on the app by swiping left on the session and pressing "edit time".

  2. Lioness vibrator did not record: If you are not seeing any sessions upload onto the app after using the Lioness vibrator, the vibrator may not have auto-triggered to record your session data. The Lioness vibrator is designed to auto-trigger the record data when the temperature sensor (the small metal circle on the shaft of the vibrator) senses a temperature change from being inserted into the body. You will know it's in data-recording mode because both lights on the vibrator will blink green. However, there is a chance if you are using the Lioness vibrator in a particularly hot environment like during a bath, the temperature sensor may not trigger. To manually put the Lioness vibrator in data-recording mode, turn your Lioness on and hold the power button (1 dot) for 10 seconds. You should see both lights begin to flash green, indicating it is now recording data.

  3. Sessions that are unfamiliar: Rest assured, no one's used the vibrator. If you are seeing some sessions that are 1-2 years old that are definitely not yours (they are usually 1-60 second sessions), it's from our final quality control/electrical testing that we do as a final manufacturing step. We do actually try to have the sessions cleared off as a final QC step (because it did raise confusion like this), but sometimes it gets missed. After you start seeing more of your own sessions, I think you'll notice that the test "sessions" look nothing like something from a real human body.

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