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Getting started with Lioness
** Read this first if you have Lioness 2.0 **
** Read this first if you have Lioness 2.0 **

Common solutions to a few problems we've diagnosed with customers.

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With any new launch, there's always going to be bumps along the road. We try to respond quickly to any customers who write in, so we've noticed a few issues that had come up.

Some Lioness 2.0s seem to have a different "timing" for syncing that causes it to never fetch sessions off of it.

We actually were able to diagnose and fix this issue within a day, but it took more time to roll out to the App Stores. It is now live in certain App Stores (mainly, iOS/Apple and Google Play Store) as 2.0.07.

Android: Google Play Store has the most up to date app, which you can access here. As of writing the app has been submitted to the Galaxy and Amazon Stores, but they haven't made version 2.0.07 available yet.

If you have an older version, please upgrade your app and this should be resolved. You may still see it disconnect one or two times, but once it starts going, we've always seen it start finishing and working correctly.

"I'm stuck in red lights!"

Upgrade the app to 2.0.07 or higher and follow the normal instructions for getting out of red lights.

The Lioness sometimes take a few seconds to turn on.

As far as we can tell, this is some odd interaction between the firmware and certain crystals (crystals for electronics timing, not crystals as in pretty rocks). In general, with test units we can replicate this on, it happens about 1% of the time (we spent a lot of time turning vibrators on and off...).

In general, there's no harm in this and it's somewhat random, but once we fully track down the reason for this, we'll be rolling out a firmware update that should fix affected vibrators.

If this happen much more often for you, let us know, though it's also hard to say which vibrators this is an issue for because of the difficulty of replicating. Even ones that don't have this problem may see this instead 0.001% of the time. Regardless, given what we've seen, this should be fixed in the next firmware update for the vibrator we roll out.

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