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How do I sync the Lioness to my phone?
How do I sync the Lioness to my phone?

Syncing instructions for connecting your Lioness vibe to the app

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Before you sync your Lioness to your phone, two things are important to note:

  • First, please double check that your app has bluetooth permissions enabled. You'll do this in your phone's Settings app.

  • Second, you will not be using your phone's Bluetooth menu to connect your devices. All connection will be made through your Lioness mobile app.

Syncing for the First Time

  1. Open your Lioness app and click the "Vibe Sync" tab.

  2. Turn your Lioness on by quick pressing the button with one dot.

  3. Click "Sync Sessions" in your app.

Note: If there are already sessions on your Lioness, it may take a few minutes for them to upload. Leave the app open and your phone next to your vibrator during this process.

Stuck on sync? If your Lioness's memory gets maxed out, you may need to wipe sessions in order to sync successfully.

When should I sync my Lioness?

Sync your Lioness in any and all of the following situations

  • Upload sessions after you have used your vibrator

  • Save any settings you have adjusted on the sync page, such as vibration levels and travel-lock mode

  • Update your Lioness's firmware

  • Use Live View for Solo Play or Partner Play

Having trouble syncing?

Click here for syncing troubleshooting tips or reach out to us directly at [email protected]. Be sure to include screenshots, screen recordings, and/or videos of what you're seeing. The more information you share, the easier and faster it will be for us to understand what may be happening.

We'd love to know:

  • What the lights on your Lioness do or don't do

  • Your app's current firmware version (you can find this in under "Advanced" in the menu settings of your Lioness app).

  • Your original order number or the email address associated with it

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