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What do these lights mean (and what do I do about it)?
What do these lights mean (and what do I do about it)?

Explanations of flashing vs. solid, red, green, or orange colored lights on your Lioness

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Single light indicators:

Double light indicators:

Flashing Green Lights: Session Recording

Both lights flash green when the vibrator is recording a session. This will happen automatically after vaginal insertion and is what you want to see!

If you have inserted the vibrator and the lights are not flashing green, you have the option to manually record a session.

To manually force your vibrator to record your session, simply press and hold the power button (one dot) for a few seconds or until the lights start flashing green.

3 Quick Buzzes, Flashes Green Lights, then Shuts Off:

This means you are in Travel Lock Mode. To disable, follow the steps in this guide here.

Solid Red Lights: No Firmware on Device

When your device shows two solid red lights, it means your vibrator's firmware has been wiped, and you must re-upload the firmware to the vibrator before you can use it again.

Click here to follow instructions and video to get firmware back on your Lioness so the sad red lights turn into happy green lights again!

You might find yourself without firmware if you hold down both buttons on the vibrator, experience an interruption during a firmware update, or mistakenly press "Wipe Current Firmware" in the Advanced Settings screen in your app.

To re-upload the firmware to your vibrator, simply try syncing (by pressing "Get Sessions" under Sync Options on the Sync screen, for example). If the vibrator is powered on (so two solid red lights are showing) and near your device, the app will be able to search and find your vibrator and then start the firmware upload process. The lights will flash red once it has begun. This process will take a few minutes, so be sure to leave your vibrator near your phone (and plugged in!) until the process is complete.

No Lights Turning On At All: Unresponsive Lioness

Follow this guide to get your Lioness back to working state here.

Did none of these tips help?

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. In your email, include any screenshots, screen recordings, or videos of what you're seeing. The more information you share, the easier and faster it will be for us to understand what may be happening.

We'd love to know:

  • What the lights on your Lioness do or don't do.

  • Your app's current firmware version (you can find this in under "Advanced" in the menu settings of your Lioness app).

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